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"The practice of yoga is a peace movement; it is a movement inside ourselves which frees us from the bondage of our own mind" A.G.Mohan

Why Louise teaches Yoga...

The practice of Yoga is therapeutic, helping me to ride life's roller-coaster; it grounds me so that I'm not carried away by life's highs and it sustains me so that I feel supported through the lows. Before I had this wonderful practice I often felt I was at the mercy of life and my emotions; hurtling from triumph to crisis and back, clinging on, trying and mostly failing to somehow feel I was in control!

Now the transformative practice of Yoga is a constant support, it reminds me: "I cannot control the world, let go of the delusion that I can; the inner world is within my influence, with practice I can calm and steady my mind and reveal glimpses of the heart's infinite peace."

There is still so much to learn but it is a privilege to share this transformative practice with those who are also trying to control life's roller-coaster, clinging on through all its twists and turns afraid they might fall off... It is a joy to pass on simple tools that enable us to find the courage to let go of the notion that we can control the big world ride and refocus on our inner world; the journey towards personal transformation and peace.

Persistant Yoga practice eases the body and calms the mind; it reveals that we are not the ageing body, we are not the changeable thoughts or turbulent emotions; it reveals the constant, perfect peace that is deep within the heart of each of us. The highest goal of Yoga is to become established in this perfect peacefulness... Practicing moves us in this direction... What are you waiting for??? 

Svastha Yoga Manchester...

Louise teaches under the banner of Svastha Yoga Manchester with the inspirational Jane Craggs. Svastha Yoga Manchester offers therapeutic yoga classes, yoga workshops, clinics and 1 -to-1 consultations in Greater Manchester. Svastha Yoga Manchester also offers retreat weekends and Yoga holidays.

Svastha Yoga is not a brand; the word Svastha is sanskrit, the language in which the teachings of Yoga were originally transmitted. In the Yoga Sutra's of Patanjali, the term Svashta describes the state of perfect peace when the mind is in a state of Yoga. In Ayurveda 'Svastha' describes the state of optimal health. For these reasons our teachers A.G., Indra and Ganesh Mohan, teach under the banner of "Svastha Yoga and Ayurveda" and they have invited us to share the umbrella!

As A.G. Mohan says:

                                     "All of us practice yoga for perfect peace and health, for svastha"

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