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Svastha Yoga Manchester Approach


Louise's approach to teaching yoga is informed by that of the Mohan family's Svastha Yoga following the classical approach of the great acharya, Sri T Krishnamacharya. The practice should be therapeutic and the starting point is always the needs of the individual; physical, mental and spiritual.

Focussing on the individual is straight forward in the context of a 1-to-1 consultation. In the class situation it means that Louise will repeatedly be asking students how they are, whether they are experiencing any discomfort or confusion. Students may also be offered alternatives and modifications to ensure that they achieve maximum benefit and avoid risk of injury.

We know that the highest goal of Yoga is to become perfectly peaceful and at ease but how do we get there? So, the starting point in this practice is to truly know where we are right now; to develop awareness of our bodies and minds, to become mindful of our physical and mental habits and then, to begin to transform those that cause us to suffer. How far will we progress? That is up to each of us, it depends upon how much we commit to practicing... but every step we take moves us in a beneficial direction...

The Svastha Yoga Approach

"If we wish to change, to grow and to pursue the path towards freedom, we must start from where we are right now! Movement forward must be steady, carried out with attention, reflection and gratitude. As we progress, we will notice our senses becoming disciplined and our minds less disturbed. Our attitudes towards ourselves and others will change. We will notice that we no longer suffer as we once did, and that the world is, indeed, a good place to stay, to pray and to realise. This is the journey of total personal reintegration." A.G.Mohan

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