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What is a Svastha Yoga Manchester Class like?


Svastha Yoga Manchester classes do not follow the bustling, busy pace at which we live most of our lives; they are a necessary antidote to the stressful patterns of modern living. All Svastha Yoga Manchester classes begin with relaxation, the purpose of this is to allow everyone to settle the focus of their mind into their body, with their breathing; to begin to let go of the tensions of the day.

In all Svastha Yoga Manchester classes the practice is guided by our breath; it is not something that can be rushed... It is fundamental that we find the support of appropriate breathing for good physical alignment and integrated movement, leading us to a calmer, more focussed state of mind.

The middle part of a Svastha Yoga Manchester class will involve an appropriate series of asana which are physical exercises practiced mindfully and supported by the breath. These will improve body awareness, strength and mobility; requiring physical and mental effort, without force or strain.

The class will finish with internalising breath practices and relaxation. After a Svastha Yoga Manchester class I hope you will feel relaxed, calm and at peace with yourself.

What is a Svastha Yoga Manchester 1-to-1 Consultation like?


There are two main purposes for a 1-to-1 therapeutic Svastha Yoga Manchester consultation:

To alleviate physical / mental discomfort and improve physical function

To develop a tailored personal yoga practice

The first consultation is usually the longest as it will involve finding out about you; Louise will ask you about your current physical and mental situation, lifestyle habits and routines and your personal goals.

During the consultation Louise will create a simple programme with you that will include a yoga practice tailored to your circumstances together with activities for daily living (ADL's).

Together we will ensure that you feel confident that you can manage the practice before the end of the session. You will need to try out the practice for a week or so, then we can meet again to tweak the fit of the practice and ensure that you are achieving maximum benefit from it.

Further appointments should be booked when your improvement has reached a plateaux and you are ready to progress or to provide you with further support and motivation. Svastha yoga manchester svastha yoga manchester svastha yoga manchester svastha yoga manchester

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